Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Resolution

My New Years Resolution was to start blogging once a week. Its February and I'm just starting to blog. So I'm going to call it my 30 resolution since I'll be 30 in 20 days.
The main reason I want to blog is to get my ideas out of my head and remember what is going on when. I'm hoping to post pictures in many of the blogs but I have none today. So here is an update on January in the Williams household.

Jason- broke his pinky in December and has had it in a splint since then. Good thing about that is he's stopped biting his fingernails! Monday he starts up coaching soccer again and I know he's super ready for that. He's going stir crazy. He's also really tired from the lack of sleep that goes on in this house.

Me- am feeling overwhelmed with trying to balance everything. My desire is to be perfect in everything and I fail miserably at it all. School is going ok. My students are a whole different animal this year and I'm trying to figure out what I can do to make them successful. These kids are economically disadvantaged and have experienced more in their 13 years than I have in my almost 30. That's another thing... 30 is right around the corner. I'm hoping I do better with it than I did with 25.

McKenzie - Lord have mercy, please let three be a phase! She can be so sweet and then the next moment its as if someone has possessed her. Example: yesterday she went to time out 4 times AND got a spankin. Our big thing (other than behavior) is registering for preschool and looking forward to Disney World. She is on the waiting list at 2 preschools and we should know about those in May. I have to keep reminding myself God is in control. We go to Disney on the 20th and we can't wait!

Reagan - is growing like a weed! She has switched over to formula and eats cereal, carrots and pears. She also drinks apple juice now too. We started her on the apple juice and pears because she had bathroom issues last weekend. She rolls over all the time but can't sit up quite yet. She also isn't sleeping through the night but we're hoping that changes soon too.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll have a post with pictures sometime soon!

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