Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Resolution

My New Years Resolution was to start blogging once a week. Its February and I'm just starting to blog. So I'm going to call it my 30 resolution since I'll be 30 in 20 days.
The main reason I want to blog is to get my ideas out of my head and remember what is going on when. I'm hoping to post pictures in many of the blogs but I have none today. So here is an update on January in the Williams household.

Jason- broke his pinky in December and has had it in a splint since then. Good thing about that is he's stopped biting his fingernails! Monday he starts up coaching soccer again and I know he's super ready for that. He's going stir crazy. He's also really tired from the lack of sleep that goes on in this house.

Me- am feeling overwhelmed with trying to balance everything. My desire is to be perfect in everything and I fail miserably at it all. School is going ok. My students are a whole different animal this year and I'm trying to figure out what I can do to make them successful. These kids are economically disadvantaged and have experienced more in their 13 years than I have in my almost 30. That's another thing... 30 is right around the corner. I'm hoping I do better with it than I did with 25.

McKenzie - Lord have mercy, please let three be a phase! She can be so sweet and then the next moment its as if someone has possessed her. Example: yesterday she went to time out 4 times AND got a spankin. Our big thing (other than behavior) is registering for preschool and looking forward to Disney World. She is on the waiting list at 2 preschools and we should know about those in May. I have to keep reminding myself God is in control. We go to Disney on the 20th and we can't wait!

Reagan - is growing like a weed! She has switched over to formula and eats cereal, carrots and pears. She also drinks apple juice now too. We started her on the apple juice and pears because she had bathroom issues last weekend. She rolls over all the time but can't sit up quite yet. She also isn't sleeping through the night but we're hoping that changes soon too.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll have a post with pictures sometime soon!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkins and Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the fall and all the fall holidays. Part of what I like most about the Halloween time is getting a pumpkin. We have this little pumpkin patch that we go to that is beside a fruits/veggies stand by a gas station. We've gone there every year except last year when the church had a pumpkin patch. Here are some pictures...


I also enjoy Halloween itself. I think it goes back to my acting days where you can dress up and be someone else. McKenzie this year was Cinderella. My mom made the dress and it was awesome! We did our usual trunk or treat at the church, publix and the neighborhood for trick or treating. McKenzie made out on the candy. The best part is that it is now incentive for her being good at Ms. Staceys and eating all her dinner. Reagan had a cute outfit she wore but wasn't really "dressed up". It was chilly as we trick or treated so no one saw her becuase she was all bundled up.

Tomorrow I will post about my Thanksgiving countdown. I may even put it on pinterest....its that cute!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reagan's 1st Month

I know this is a little late but I wanted to update on Reagan's 1st month. I can't believe she is already 5 weeks old! Reagan is a really good baby. She loves to eat and cuddle. I also love the cuddle times because I know in a few short weeks we won't get as much cuddle time. I'm very thankful to have Stacey watch my girls but I'll still miss them when I go back to work. Reagan has had a few outings but mostly we've stayed at home. She's been to Target and Publix, lunch with Daddy, picking out a pumpkin, church, Daddy's ball games, and O'Charleys.
Reagan has also started to smile, which I have tried to capture by camera with little luck. Here is what I have gotten.

We are doing monthly pictures with Reagan as we did with McKenzie. I didn't want to do the same thing with using the bunny so we're going to show each month by blocks. Here is the 1 month shot. She's 9 lbs 9oz and 21.75 inches.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goodness with 2

My new goal is to update this blog weekly. I think it is possible if I just set my mind to it. Well here is what has happened since my last post. We went from a family of 3
to a family of 4.

   Reagan Alice Williams was born on Monday September 17th at 11:59am via C Section. She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and was 19 inches long. She looks a lot like McKenzie and has spent her 1st month being held and sleeping. She has been to a couple of Daddy's softball games, Target, and the park. Mostly we've hung out around the house. 

   Loves her little sister. She holds her for about 30 seconds and then wants to give her back. She likes helping with diaper changes by giving the diaper and helping take it off. McKenzie got to have 2 weeks with Nana and Papa at her house and then spent a week with them in Pensacola. McKenzie has liked the visitors that have come, especially Jonah. 

   Has still played softball and coached soccer thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped out over the last few weeks. He's getting some sleep at night but not as much as he used to. He loves his little girls! Reagan smiled at him 5 times last night and McKenzie is his play buddy. 

     Has recovered much faster from this c section than she did with McKenzie. She has lost 20 of the 28 lbs she gained with Reagan. Mommy loves getting to feed Reagan because it is our time. So far sleep deprevation hasn't set in but she isn't back at work yet either.

That is all for now. Tomorrow I'll try and post about the pumpkin patch and get caught up then!! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Sister Class

About a month ago we took McKenzie to a class about being a big sister. It was done at the hospital and was really good for her. McKenzie learned how to change a diaper....

and swaddle a baby....

She even had a graduation ceremony. McKenzie learned a lot and keeps reminding me of things as we go. She keeps telling me about Heidi (her baby doll) using a bottle to eat and needing a blanket to wrap up in. She even has a car seat for Heidi that looks like a baby carseat (I knew picking that up at a yard sale last year would come in handy).

I have been worried that McKenzie would be jealous of Reagan or think we don't love her as much any more. I know that there will be jealous times and what not but I think McKenzie is going to be my little helper. She even refers to herself as Mommy most of the time. Its very cute and I'm very interested to see how my girls interact with one another!

Friday, June 22, 2012

May and June

I promise to start being better about posting. I keep saying this but I actually am going to keep my word. There are so many changes coming that I'm going to have to post so I can remember everything. So, let's start with May.

Jason turned 28 on the 1st. We had a great day hanging out as a family and celebrating the best husband/daddy! That was the day I also found out I'm changing schools next year. I'll be teaching at PB Ritch Middle School - more to come on that one in another post. The weekend after Jason's birthday we went to Leesburg for a joint bday party for Jason, his mom and McKenzie. Everyone had a blast! A few days later we found out we're adding another little girl to our family. Here is how we told everyone....
Later on in the month McKenzie went to Mason's bday party at Jump Its. She loved the bouncy slides and obstacle courses as did her daddy.

School ended and I packed all my stuff up to no longer be an Eagle. Its kind of bittersweet. I had a really nice shower for Reagan during post planning. It made me realize how much I'm going to miss these people.

June has been SUPER busy. I went on a trip with my grant (more later), McKenzie stayed a week at Nana and Papas, Jason has played softball, cut grass, and participated in Hands of Hope. That was just one week. We've also moved the guest room downstairs and painted Reagan's room.

I think Jason is a little nervous about the pink room but I'm assuring him it won't be too bad once we get everything in there. We are now waiting on carpet so we can put everything else in the room.

That's all for now!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This year Easter was McKenzie's birthday weekend. I wasn't looking forward to it at all. I'm just being honest. It was also the weekend FSU was playing at Georgia Tech. So somehow we managed to get everything done in one weekend.

Friday we pretty much just hung out and got ready for McKenzie's party.
Saturday was the party which was a blast. After the party Mamma and Daddy took McKenzie for the night while Ashley, Jason, Devan and I went to the FSU -Georgia Tech game. It was so much fun. We won 12 to 7. After the game we went to a place called the Marietta Diner, which was so good! It has pretty much everything you could want to eat. Its crazy because it is a diner but there is a wait to get in. We then went by Krispy Kreme and got doughnuts for Easter morning. Here is the baseball crew. Oh, and I'm not huge, it is just the shirt (I think).

The next day was Easter! McKenzie loved all of her goodies in her Easter basket. We then went to church, came home and had Easter dinner and then an egg hunt. Dinner was so yummy - Honey Baked Ham, deviled eggs, Hawaiian sweet rolls, green bean casserole, potato salad. Here are a few Easter pictures.
With her egg money
 Sunday morning
 Egg hunting with Mommy ~ trying to shake the egg out of the tree
At the church Egg Hunt with Mason (her friend that is a boy, not boyfriend)

After the day and remembering what the whole meaning behind Easter is I was very happy. I am so thankful to have a savior who would sacrifice his life for me. He is so awesome!